Waste Industry Facing Hiring Challenges – What This Means For Businesses

Just as occupancy is rising in office buildings, the waste industry, like the restaurant industry, is dealing with hiring challenges.  As a result, we are seeing services being delayed across the country as haulers struggle to expand routes and provide on-time service. Industry watches say to expect potential rate increases as haulers may have to offer more attractive compensation to hire workers.

This comes on top of a year that saw increased waste generation (as people stuck at home began buying more single-use items and online shopping exploded), and waste piling up on streets as sanitation workers fell ill and many sanitation departments had their budgets cut.

The pandemic has made clear what we have always known. That the waste industry is an essential industry. Waste service providers across the country have worked through the crisis to keep our buildings and cities clean. We thank them for all their hard work. And now, we ask for a little patience on their behalf.

While we anticipate waste pickup problems to continue for the short term, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our network of amazing, long-standing waste hauler partners across the country are working closely with us to ensure Great Forest clients receive full and prompt service. We are coordinating with their hauler teams and staying in touch to ensure open and quick communications to solve any problems that may arise.

If your business is seeing delays in waste pickup, understand that you are not alone and that the waste hauling industry is, and has not stopped, working.

Waste is a constant. Every business can make a big impact in their operations if they manage their waste well and sustainably. For the long term, businesses should think about how they can reduce waste, and move towards Zero Waste

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