How To Restart Right: 12 Reopening Tips For Businesses

Businesses across the country are starting to see their offices return to capacity as workers return full-time or on a hybrid schedule.

Restarting right not only means making sure everything is in order, in working condition, and functioning at maximum efficiency for reopening, but it also means having processes and procedures in place that ensure a sustainable and resilient future. Here’s how to restart right.

Business Restart Guide

Download our Business Restart Guide to get 12 reopening tips.

From addressing PPE and the influx of single-use items, to re-engaging employees and tenants, checking on compliance, re-examining purchasing and more.

Our checklist of 12 reopening tips will help you get back to business with sustainability in mind, with a focus on helping you reduce waste, save money, and prepare for a sustainable future.

Grab The “Fresh Start” Effect

“There’s lots of evidence for what’s called post-traumatic growth,” Laurie Santos, a psychology professor at Yale, told the New York Times.

The pandemic has shattered many routines. Social scientists believe this disruption offers a unique opportunity to set and achieve new goals. So go ahead and be ambitious. Now may be the best time to implement changes that will last. Learn more in our restart guide.

Why Prioritize Sustainability?

While the pandemic has made safety a top-of-mind priority, rightly so, businesses should remember that sustainability does not have to be sacrificed. In fact, it should be a priority.

According to a JP Morgan insight report, policy makers and investors are viewing COVID-19 as “… the 21st century’s first “sustainability” crisis…”

“If you’re not moving forward on things like the environment, you’ll be uninvestable in certain parts of the investor universe…” warns a Wall Street investment bank chief.

Every restart plan must make sustainability a priority. Learn more in our Business Restart Guide.


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Photo: Dylan Nolte, Unsplash

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