GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Waste Emissions Tracking

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How big is your GHG (greenhouse gas) impact from waste? Find out and get free access to our online metrics portal for 30 days to receive more insight from your waste data.

Just fill in your current tonnage for the most recent month below (if needed, reach out to your hauler or facility manager for data). You will receive your emissions from waste data within 48 hours.

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    Great Forest uses US EPA emissions factors together with proprietary glass/metal/plastic emissions factors for a more accurate accounting of GHG emissions resulting from waste. The waste-related GHG metrics are inclusive of the transportation and processing of waste as per the GHG Protocol Scope 3 Category 5: Waste generated in operations.

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    Why Calculate and Track GHG from Waste?

    In the commercial real estate industry, landfill and waste services are leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. If you are not tracking your waste-related emissions, you are missing a significant opportunity to reduce your property’s carbon footprint. Address your waste-related GHG emissions to:

    • REACH YOUR SUSTAINABILITY GOALS: Reduce your property’s carbon footprint and waste at the same time.
    • SHOW YOUR LEADERSHIP IN REPORTING: Lead the way in reporting waste-related GHG emissions data to your investors and stakeholders. Currently, over 8000 companies disclose their carbon footprint data to the Carbon Disclosure Project, and ESG scores are increasingly being included in many Wall Street reports.


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