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Did you know: Great Forest. Inc. is  TRUE certified to the Gold level, with a diversion rate of 91.3%!

   Glass Recycling

The Glass Recycling Problem: What’s Behind It, and What to do

   Business Restart Guide: 12 Reopening Tips

Workers returning to offices? Restart right with our checklist of 12 reopening tips. Download the Business Restart Guide. 

   Regulatory Compliance Guide

Download: Managing Waste Sustainably: A Regulatory Compliance Guide For Businesses.

Learn how to stay in compliance and avoid fines. Remember, legal compliance is not simply a business necessity–it is a valuable tool that guides your business towards greater efficiency and recognition as a leader in sustainability.

   White Papers

Download: Office Waste Management Optimized

Download: How Are Scores Calculated? Learn More About The Great Forest Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM

   Waste Reduction Tips For Businesses

20 tips to reduce waste, improve recycling: A guide for businesses and organizations


   As Featured in Facility Manager Journal

Waste Audits: Everything A Facility Manager Needs To Know, With Hard Data and Case Studies

   As Featured in QSR (Quick-Service Restaurants)

Food Waste Audits Help Restaurants Fight Waste and Hunger

   Case Studies

See How Great Forest Delivers Proven Solutions To A Range Of Clients Nationwide

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   Waste Audits



A Guide for Businesses: Move Away From Plastic Straws In 3 Steps

   Food Waste

   Carbon Footprint/Greenhouse Gas

   Donation Assistance

   Insight: The Economics of Recycling

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