Largest Global Study On Commercial Building Waste

Study analyzes over 170,000 pounds of waste from over 100 buildings worldwide – read summary of findings and key takeaways

   Top 3 Waste Trends for 2022

Click here to learn more about the Top 3 Waste Trends That Will Affect Businesses in 2022

   Earth Day

   Zero Waste Case Study

Case Study: Learn how Great Forest became TRUE Zero Waste certified to the Gold level with a diversion rate of 91.3%

   Practical Climate Actions

How Businesses Can Respond To “Code Red” Climate Change Report

   Food Waste

   Zero Waste Toolkit

Did you know: Great Forest. Inc. is  TRUE certified to the Gold level, with a diversion rate of 91.3%!

   GHG Emissions

   Business Restart Guide: 12 Reopening Tips

Workers returning to offices? Restart right with our checklist of 12 reopening tips. Download the Business Restart Guide. 

   America Recycles Day Toolkit

America Recycles Day is November 15. Our ARD toolkit contains tips and ideas for what your  business can do, even at the last minute.

   Waste Audits

As Featured in Facility Manager Journal Waste Audits: Everything A Facility Manager Needs To Know, With Hard Data and Case Studies

Waste Audit Facts and Benefits: Why Every Business Needs A Waste Audit

   Regulatory Compliance Guide

Download: Managing Waste Sustainably: A Regulatory Compliance Guide For Businesses.

Learn how to stay in compliance and avoid fines. Remember, legal compliance is not simply a business necessity–it is a valuable tool that guides your business towards greater efficiency and recognition as a leader in sustainability.

   Glass Recycling

The Glass Recycling Problem: What’s Behind It, and What to do

   Waste Reduction Tips For Businesses

20 tips to reduce waste, improve recycling: A guide for businesses and organizations

   White Papers

Download: Office Waste Management Optimized

Download: How Are Scores Calculated? Learn More About The Great Forest Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM


   As Featured in QSR (Quick-Service Restaurants)

Food Waste Audits Help Restaurants Fight Waste and Hunger

   Case Studies

See How Great Forest Delivers Proven Solutions To A Range Of Clients Nationwide

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   Waste Audits



A Guide for Businesses: Move Away From Plastic Straws In 3 Steps

   Carbon Footprint/Greenhouse Gas

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   Insight: The Economics of Recycling

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