Great Forest was founded on the strong belief that corporations can play a substantive role in protecting our planet for future generations. A portion of our profits support efforts to solve pollution, save lives and protect the planet. 

The Great Forest Solutions Cycle is our proven approach, backed by 30 years of experience and client success.


Zero Waste Consulting + Waste Hauling Brokerage

Waste Audits
Great Forest is a nationwide leader in waste audits, including for LEED certification. The data we collect enables us to recommend and implement changes to a client’s waste program to meet their sustainability goals. Great Forest conducts 100+ waste audits a year.
Data Analytics
Our Data Analytics Team tracks metrics such as waste generation, waste diversion and GHG emissions on the Great Forest Metrics Portal . We analyze resulting data and provide insights to enable effective changes in a client waste program.
Waste Hauling
Our Waste Hauler Brokerage division identifies trusted, cost-effective haulers in your region, negotiates best pricing, conducts and manages waste hauling RFPs, consolidates and pays bills, troubleshoots any issues, right-sizes equipment, and tracks waste metrics. This combination of services saves clients time and money while improving service.
Waste Program Development and Implementation
We work with companies to set strategic goals, establish waste-related policies, develop and implement effective waste management plans and programs to meet client goals. In 2021, our clients diverted 24,150 tons of material from the landfill.
Great Forest TRUE Zero Waste Consultants help companies maintain regulatory compliance across their portfolio to avoid fines and improve environmental performance.
Our TRUE Zero Waste certified experts can help you find circular solutions to reach Zero Waste and achieve certification.
Education and Training
We educate and train stakeholders on how to recycle right and reduce contamination to maximize the efficiency of their recycling programs. Our sessions and webinars inspire behavior change and help raise awareness.
Waste Infrastructure Optimization
We evaluate a site’s waste infrastructure and related programs to ensure that our client’s waste program is in compliance with local laws and optimized for diversion. Great Forest also designs new floor plans to enhance operations for optimum waste diversion.
Waste Systems Design
We work with real estate developers and architectural firms nationwide to design cost effective, sustainable waste removal systems for new build and renovation projects.
ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)
We help businesses that are upgrading or relocating to determine the residual resale value of the IT assets that they no longer need. We provide them with the best deal possible to ensure their IT assets are put to the highest use, which may include being refurbished and resold with revenue sharing.
E-Waste, Universal Waste, Hard-To-Recycle Materials 
We help businesses safely remove electronic waste for recycling, and manage hazardous wastes like batteries and bulbs. We have deep experience helping clients like hotels avoid sending hundreds of hard-to-recycle items like furniture, wallpaper, kitchen equipment and clothing hangers to the landfill.
In the largest global study of commercial building waste, Great Forest identified organics, including food waste, as the biggest opportunity for making an impact on waste reduction goals. We work with clients to understand generation, find the best organics hauler, implement appropriate waste infrastructure, educate and train stakeholders to ensure successful program implementation.

Top Clients

Great Forest’s worldwide network of clients includes Fortune 500 companies in property management, manufacturing, financial services, education and others.


Our work covers 100 million square feet of properties across the country and internationally.

What Our Clients Say

Our Story Working for the greater good

Great Forest was founded on the strong belief that corporations can play a substantive role in protecting our planet for future generations. That's why a portion of our profits supports pollution cleanup in low- and middle-income countries through the nonprofit Pure Earth, which grew out of Great Forest's success.

When I started Great Forest in 1989, the idea of corporate sustainability was still new. We began with a focus on recycling the large amounts of paper generated by NYC's office buildings, hence our name, which reflected our desire to protect the great forests of the world. We ended up pioneering some of the first corporate waste reduction programs. Today, the processes Great Forest established have become industry standard, while Pure Earth has become the leading organization focused on global pollution cleanup.

Great Forest and Pure Earth are making a bigger impact than I had ever imagined. We will continue to share our support, research, expertise, and other resources with governments, industry, clients, and partners so that we can all work together for the greater good.

-- Richard Fuller, Founder, Great Forest and Pure Earth.

In 2022, Richard Fuller was named to Vox's "Future Perfect 50" list recognizing “the scientists, thinkers, scholars, writers, and activists building a more perfect future" for his work with Pure Earth protecting children form lead poisoning.

Richard Fuller speaking at the World Economic Forum