Sheila Sweeney

Director of Energy Services

In 2020 Sheila celebrated 30 years in the energy field. She started out as a reporter for the Energy Team of the Department of Capital Planning and Operations in Massachusetts, and went on to pioneering work in efficiency solutions for commercial and healthcare facilities in NYC. These solutions included securing three of the top NYSERDA/ARRA Federal stimulus grants awarded in response to the 2008 financial crisis. As part of a broad range of services addressing local sustainability ordinances at Great Forest, she has directed guidance under NYC Local Laws 84 and 87 of 2009 (benchmarking and energy audits), LL33/95 (building letter grades) and the Climate Mobilization Act of 2019 (LL97.) She has also consulted on successful USEPA Energy Star Partner of the Year applications, competitive Con Edison and NYPA incentive awards, and on procurement strategies built from demand limiting opportunities, deploying lessons learned to help craft testimony in rate design cases before Public Service Commissions in five States. Sheila was elected to the Board of Directors of the New York Energy Consumers Council in 2011. She holds a BA from Tufts University and is a Certified Energy Auditor (AEE.)

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