JBG Companies Recognized for “Outstanding Achievement” in Recycling

ArteryPlazaCongratulations to JBG Companies on being recognized by Montgomery County for “Outstanding Achievement” in Recycling at 7200 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda.

Both tenants and management at the building are being commended for “implementing or improving their recycling, waste reduction or buying recycled programs and educational efforts.”

Strong Management

“This is an example of what a great recycling program can achieve with strong support from management, and committed tenants and staff working together,” says Barbara Fonseca, Great Forest’s consultant for the property.

Over the past year, Great Forest has increased recycling education efforts at the building, working with management as well as cleaning staff, providing training and refresher courses. In addition, a building-wide recycling inspection was conducted to check that appropriate bins and signage were being used.

Great Forest also helped to implement new electronics, scrap metal, batteries and bulb recycling efforts.

Overall, the volume of recycling generated has grown so much that Great Forest has had to help the building plan and relocate their recycling storage facility to a larger area. This has resulted in less overflow, less contamination of recyclables, and less hauler-related issues.

Responding to Changing Needs

“The building’s ability and willingness to respond to the program’s growing and changing needs is one of the keys to its success. They are not afraid to reassess and revise,” notes Barbara.   “It is a strong sign of their commitment to sustainability in the long term.”

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