Watch: Decarbonizing the Waste Industry

This year, Anna Dengler, Great Forest’s Senior Sustainability Advisor, returned to the National Zero Waste Conference to join a panel of experts to discuss the topic: Decarbonizing the waste industry through data.

The panel is timely with COP 28 in the news.

As countries grapple with decarbonization approaches to address climate change globally, businesses worldwide must prepare to prioritize tracking and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, especially from waste, as landfill and waste services are leading contributors to GHG emissions.

During the panel, Dengler discusses a key problem in reporting GHG emissions from waste, namely inconsistencies in the emissions factors provided in the US and the UK. She highlights a challenge that we in the waste industry and the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting community face to define waste’s climate impact.

Watch the discussion to hear Dengler review the resources available for quantifying emissions, and compare two main sources for emissions factors: EPA and DEFRA.

To learn more, see our blog summary of the issue, or read the full research paper Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Waste: A Critique on the Data Inconsistencies for Reporting and Decision Making published in the Journal of Waste Management and Disposal.

Watch the discussion now with industry colleagues:

  • Sue Beets-Atkinson, Global VP, Sustainability, SBM Management
  • Grant Jampolsky, Founder, BioCoTech Americas
  • Anna Dengler, Senior Sustainability Advisor, Great Forest

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Watch our discussion at the 2022 National Zero Waste Conference:  How data visibility drives innovation. Anna Dengler, Great Forest’s Senior Sustainability Advisor, reveals findings from the largest study of commercial building waste worldwide, conducted  by Great Forest, and discusses how to use data to drive positive outcomes.

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