Success In Schools Prove The Power Of Standardized Recycling Labels

Jeremy Piven in Recycle Across America’s campaign. Image:

New York, NY, 2016–Have you seen our recycling stickers?  They have been so popular that we have had to re-stock them already. And that is good news because these standardized recycling bin stickers/labels have super powers… well, sort of.

What can they do?  When standardized labels were introduced into Orlando Public Schools, recycling levels increased 90%  in the first school year, saving the schools $369,000!

The effort is part of the nonprofit Recycle Across America’s goal to provide 1,000,000 standardized labels to K-12 Schools in the U.S, by 2017, with the ultimate goal of having every school in the country use these standardized labels, and every student understanding how to recycling right, in school and in the community.

Great Forest is proud to be doing our part, working with Recycle Across America to make recycling easier and more effective through the use of standardized recycling bin labels.

So look out for them. One day soon, we hope, you will see these standardized labels at work, in schools, malls, airports, parks, hospitals and other areas, reinforcing that same “recycle right” message, everywhere you go.

Our new stickers are available to all clients nationwide.


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