Spotlight: Our New Standardized Labels Can Increase Recycling

Recycling stickers

Aug, 2016— Our new recycling stickers have arrived!  These new labels have been reported to increase recycling, and are part of what has been called the “#1 solution to fix recycling.”

Great Forest is proud to be working with the nonprofit Recycle Across America to encourage the use of standardized recycling bin labels in order to make recycling less confusing and more effective. Our new stickers are available to all clients nationwide.

“The millions of different looking labels on recycling bins throughout society is the culprit. The confusion at the bin is resulting in mistakes, apathy, and skepticism, which is causing people to throw tons of garbage in recycling bins every day.  This garbage in recycling bins is destroying the economics of recycling…. Display the standardized labels on your recycling bins and be a part of the solution. It’s far more important than you think.” –Recycle Across America.

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