Q&A: I have the right recycling and trash bins, now what do I do?

Q: I have the right recycling and trash bins, now what do I do?

Recycling bins A: Last month’s Q&A explained some of the characteristics to look for when purchasing the best waste and recycling bins. But proper recycling behavior depends, in part, on having the right bins located correctly.

Some things to consider:
Kitchen and cafeteria spaces may require many trash bins, or compost bins if you have a composting program. If your office has a recycling program for cans and bottles, place a receptacle nearby for these materials.

Other high-traffic areas such as copy rooms and conference rooms may require more paper recycling bins and fewer, if any, trash receptacles.

Often, placing trash and recycling bins next to each other reduces improper disposal of recyclables in trash bins. If possible, emptying trash bins frequently will reduce contamination in nearby recycling bins. When your office hosts an event with food provided, ensure there are enough trash bins to accommodate the nonrecyclable trash; but don’t forget about the recyclables!

Recycling is easy when you have consistent and well-labeled bins located throughout your office.

Did you know that Great Forest can also help you decide what bins are best and how to label them in the best way?  Tune in next month when we discuss how to improve your recycling program with proper education and signage.

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