Q&A: How do I choose the best recycling and waste bins for my building?

Q: How do I choose the best recycling and waste bins for my building?

A: Choosing the right bins will go a long way to make your recycling program successful. Some factors to consider: size, materials, and visuals.

Size: Bins too big will waste space and be hard to move when full. Bins too small risk allowing waste to overflow. Always keep collection and transportation in mind.

Materials: Recycling bins should facilitate sorting, if necessary, for your local recycling program. Using bins for recycling that have multiple compartments or shaped openings makes sorting easy.

Visuals: Use visual cues to make bins attractive and to educate about how to properly recycle. Consider using your company logo or other images on the bins to create a sense of community among users. Always have signs posted explaining the recycling program to those who are unfamiliar.

Before purchasing new bins, check with your recycling coordinator to learn about the specifics in your building.

Did you know that Great Forest can help you purchase bins and provide stickers and signs to label the bins appropriately?

Once you have the right bins, how do you know where to put them? Tune in next month when we will discuss how to choose the best location for your waste and recycling bins.

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