Great Forest Works with NY State to Foster Sustainability

BuildingGreat Forest was recently invited by the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP21)  to share insights on sustainable business practices at its Green Offices, Green Purchasing workshop.

NYSP21 is a statewide initiative focused on the development of sustainable businesses and organizations, including government agencies and nonprofit institutions. Check their site for updates on education workshops and training programs held around the state.

Anna Dengler, Great Forest’s Director of Sustainability, was the keynote speaker for the event. She offered an overview of best practices involved and gave examples of how to reduce energy, water and waste through efforts such as using an efficient office layout.

Amy Marpman, Great Forest’s Director of Recycling and Maintenance Services, spoke about how to increase diversion ratios at no added cost by streamlining recycling programs.  The case study presented showed that effectively using a deskside set-up with one bin for paper only increased the recycling rate by 20% and eliminated the need for plastic can liners.

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