Manufacturer in Mexico was Overcharged for Waste Removal. We Stopped It.


Precision Instruments and Services Manufacturer in Mexico


Great Forest identified inefficiencies with the waste removal service, and inaccurate waste data from the hauler. Once corrected, overcharging stopped, and the hauler was held to more accountability. Calculated waste diversion rate increased from 9 percent (hauler-reported) to 56 precent (calculated based on audit results and equipment fullness). 


To help drive waste reduction, diversion, and circularity efforts, Great Forest was contracted to conduct on-site waste stream and infrastructural assessments for a manufacturing facility in Mexico. 

Based on its on-site assessment, Great Forest found that the trash dumpsters were not right-sized nor carefully monitored, leading to gross hauler overservicing and overreporting of waste volumes.

Three six-yard dumpsters were serviced five times per week yet, only one six-yard dumpster was filled during Great Forest’s 24-hour audit period. 


Great Forest recommended working with the hauler to adjust the dumpster sizing and service schedule(s) for the landfill trash to ensure waste equipment was maximized for efficiency, cost, and diversion. Great Forest also recommended that bins be regularly monitored to ensure continuous right-sizing to account for any waste volume fluctuations. 


  • Calculated waste diversion rate increased from 9 percent (hauler-reported) to 56 percent (calculated based on audit results and equipment fullness)
  • Reduced hauling costs, saving thousands each month
  • Reduced carbon emissions
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