Precision Instruments Manufacturer: Reducing Plastic Packaging and Organic Waste


Precision Instruments and Services Manufacturer in California


Great Forest’s data-driven solutions helped this manufacturer reduce plastic packaging going to the landfill by 40 percent, and organics by 11 percent. This put the manufacturer back on track towards circularity.


To help drive waste reduction, diversion, and circularity efforts, Great Forest was contracted to conduct on-site waste stream and infrastructural assessments for a Northern California manufacturing facility. Through its on-site waste stream and infrastructural assessments, Great Forest found the following:

  • Packaging plastics represented over 40 percent of the audited landfill waste, and spools of shrink wrap were observed to be significantly underutilized.
  • The organics dumpster was not right-sized for the amount of organic material being generated at the facility, with most organic material headed to landfill.

Great Forest Solution

  • Packaging plastics: Great Forest recommended identifying a recycler, formalizing a staging area to source-separate plastic film, and utilizing the cardboard baler to bale film plastics.
  • Organics: Great Forest worked with hauler to adjust organics dumpster size and service schedule to ensure 
    • efficiency and diversion maximization,
    • and ample, clear opportunities to collect and store organics waste throughout the facility.


  • Packaging plastics: ~40 percent reduction in the landfill stream, 11 percent increase in total waste diversion 
  • Organics: ~11 percent reduction in the landfill stream, 3 percent increase in total waste diversion
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