Case Study: Reliable Waste Hauling Services At The Right Price


One of the largest residential property management companies in the country.


Great Forest was able to provide reliable waste hauling services at the right price for the client by taking over management and overview of its waste hauling services, including bidding out waste services to top haulers, contracting the best haulers for the client’s needs, managing the haulers closely, and educating community managers and residents on the waste management program.


The client came to Great Forest with the following issues across its portfolio:

  • Waste services were often not completed on time or in full, leading to sanitary issues and complaints from residents.
  • There were high levels of contamination in the recycling stream, leading haulers to assess recycling contamination fees, which exceeded their annual budget.


Great Forest took the following steps to provide a comprehensive waste hauling solution for the client:

  • Gathered waste data and bid out the client’s waste services to the most cost-effective and reliable waste haulers.
  • After contracting the best haulers for the client’s needs, Great Forest managed the haulers closely, provided strong communication with the client, and implemented practical solutions to onsite logistical challenges to ensure the contracted serviced occurred as scheduled.
  • To rectify the recycling contamination issues, Great Forest provided regular guidance on municipal recycling regulations to the community management teams, who in turn educated the residents and janitorial staff on proper disposal practices.


  • The client now receives reliable, ongoing waste hauling services. If any issues arise, Great Forest rectifies the situation within 24 hours.
  • Recycling contamination has diminished significantly, leading to an elimination of recycling contamination fees and adherence to the client’s annual budget.


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