Case Study: Great Forest’s ITAD Helps Client Remove IT Assets For Free, Save $16,000


A global law firm with 13 offices around the world.


By using Great Forest’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service, the client was able to get 6.34 tons
of unwanted IT assets removed for free, and avoid a $16,000 bill.


The client needed to remove 12,682 lbs (6.34 tons) of IT assets that it no longer needed from
offices in multiple locations in New York, California, and Washington, D.C. The assets included
printers, telecommunications systems, copper wiring and more.


Rather than treat the IT assets as e-waste, Great Forest’s ITAD experts tapped into a
nationwide vendor network to come up with a solution that cost the client nothing. After
determining that the IT assets had residual value, all the equipment was removed from the
different offices nationwide for free. The removal cost was offset by the estimated resale value
of the assets.


If the same amount of IT assets were treated as e-waste, potential costs for labor, transportation
and logistics, and recycling fees would have been $16,000. Instead, the client had their
unwanted assets removed for free by vendors who will put the assets to their highest use by
returning them to the market. Besides being free, this solution eliminates any waste going to landfill.

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