Great Forest Gives Presentation to NYC Department of Buildings

The New York City Department of Buildings recently invited Great Forest to conduct an educational overview of the importance of measuring and managing sustainability data for their executives.

“With the new series of legislation requiring commercial buildings larger than 50,000 sq feet to track their energy data use, the DoB wanted to be prepared for any concerns they might encounter from building managers and operators,” said Great Forest COO Drew Masters. “So we walked them through what buildings would need to do and I believe they were pleasantly surprised to find out how easy everything is.”

As the Department of Buildings will be leading the implementation of the bill, Great Forest provided them with a tutorial of how to use the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager rating system and other tracking tools such as the Sustainability Metrics. Best practices were highlighted.

“We always say what gets measured, get managed,” notes Masters. “Tracking data over time is integral to both cost savings and reducing the environmental impact of a building. After all, knowledge is power.”

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