The Great Forest Office Composting Story

Community GardenGreat Forest has been composting in our offices for as long as our staff can remember.  When our office was located at 2 Park Avenue, we brought our organic scraps to the LESEC (Lower East Side Ecology Center) drop off point at Union Square Farmers Market.

Since our move to Harlem in 2006, we have continued collecting organic scraps and bringing them to nearby farmers markets and local community gardens.

Just this month we met with Celia Moultrie, the president of the Unity Park Community Garden at 128th Street, and were given a key to the garden. Each week we bring a small amount of coffee grounds, apple cores, orange peels and other organic waste from our office to the garden where it is mixed with landscaping waste and decomposes to create nutrient rich compost which gardeners can use on their plots.

Composting reduces the amount of organic waste that is put in landfills, contributing to methane emissions, a greenhouse gas.

Celia also offered Great Forest a plot of ground to garden come spring. We’re excited to be involved in this local Community Garden and will keep you posted on our waste reduction and gardening efforts.

Want to compost at your office? Contact us to learn how you can.

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