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Making A Difference: New Book From Great Forest Founder Chronicles “Indiana Jones-Style” Adventures In World’s Most Toxic Places

“Richard Fuller has been the driving force behind two huge environmental agendas: corporate sustainability and pollution in the developing world. He’s the Elon Musk of the environment.” — Hon Nereus Acosta, Advisor for the Environment, Office of the President, Government of the Philippines Who knew cleaning up toxic waste could be the stuff of Indiana

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Making A Difference: What Causes 1 in 7 Deaths?

What’s the leading cause of death in developing countries? A.  malnutrition and undernutrition B.  tuberculosis, malaria & HIV/AIDS C.  pollution Click to find out.  The answer might surprise you. This stealth killer causes 1 in 7 deaths around the world. Great Forest is a proud supporter of the Blacksmith Institute for a Pure Earth, a

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Making A Difference: A Toxic Mystery At A School In Armenia

Recently, Blacksmith Institute for a Pure Earth came across a school in Armenia, where various mounds of highly toxic waste had mysteriously appeared (see photo below). The piles appeared to have been dumped there surreptitiously by a company looking to get rid of their mining waste. Children  in the school yard were playing around the exposed piles

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Making A Difference: Businessweek Features Great Forest Founder’s Global Pollution Cleanup Efforts

“Fuller and Pure Earth (Blacksmith) have amassed an impressive record of success…” — Businessweek, Sept. 2014 Great Forest founder Richard Fuller spoke with Businessweek recently about his work addressing global toxic pollution with our sister nonprofit Blacksmith Institute/Pure Earth. The article also chronicled one of Blacksmith’s most dangerous cleanup projects at a former soviet arms site sitting on

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Making A Difference: Play Golf, Do Good

The 6th annual Pure Earth/Blacksmith Golf Benefit returns to the Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Westchester, New York, on Monday, September 29, 2014. Mike Doherty, President/CEO of Building Maintenance Services, is this year’s honoree. Thanks to all Great Forest clients and friends for helping us support this great event year after year. The benefit raises crucial funds to clean

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Making A Difference: Breaking Mexico’s 500-Year-Old Toxic Tradition

Renowned Poet Homero Aridjis Makes Heartfelt Plea For A Lead-Free Mexico  Did you know that millions of men, women and children in Mexico have elevated blood lead levels?  Many are “poisoned” at each meal by food cooked in or served on traditional pottery made by local artisans using toxic lead glazes. Did you know that a

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Making A Difference… in Tajikistan, Near the Roof of the World

This month we take you to Tajikistan, where mountains cover more than 90% of the country, and half of it sits 10,000 feet or more above sea level. This former Soviet republic at the “roof of the word” is home to some of the most breathtaking views on earth. But beneath the beauty lies a legacy

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Bringing Nature Into the Office in a More Sustainable Way

Flowers and plants are often used at businesses for events & conferences and in building entrances and reception areas. But how can we bring nature into the office in a more sustainable way?  Great Forest recently met with Irene Woodard of True Blooms to find out more. GF: Why are flower arrangements important for businesses

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