Making A Difference… in Tajikistan, Near the Roof of the World

This month we take you to Tajikistan, where mountains cover more than 90% of the country, and half of it sits 10,000 feet or more above sea level.

This former Soviet republic at the “roof of the word” is home to some of the most breathtaking views on earth. But beneath the beauty lies a legacy of toxic pollution, particularly in the form of uranium and stocks of dangerous, obsolete pesticides like DDT.

The nonprofit Blacksmith Institute is working to make a difference. They are helping the Tajik government clean up this life-threatening toxic pollution.  Read and see more photos here.

Great Forest is a proud supporter of the Blacksmith Institute, a nonprofit that works to clean up some of the world’s worst polluted communities, where children are poisoned everyday. Each month we feature a story about making a difference. 

More Making a Difference:

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