The Industry Secret To Cutting 20-50% Off Waste Removal Costs

It may be one of the industry’s best-kept secrets – waste brokers can help buildings find cash in trash simply by helping them tighten their waste contract bidding process.

Often, the savings can be huge. The town of Yorktown, New York, saved $1 million when Great Forest first worked with them.

This month, Great Forest will again help the town streamline their trash and recycling bid process and assist in all aspects of selection and specifications for service.

“We know the haulers out there, what the market will bear, and what the work will cost. So we make sure the bids that come in are competitive and comprehensive,” says Barbara Fischer, who runs the Great Forest office out of Armonk, New York.

“This is the third time we are working with Yorktown and each time we have cut their waste costs. In fact, we’ve been able to reduce waste removal costs for clients across the country sometimes by as much as 80%.”

Is your waste contract up for renewal? Call Great Forest to see how you can cut your waste removal costs by 20-50%.

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