Regulatory Alert: Aug/Sept 2023 – New Waste Receptacles Rule for NYC Food-Related Businesses

UPDATE: As of September 5, 2023, ALL chain stores with five or more locations in NYC must use rigid containers with secure lids when setting out trash for collection. Learn more

Effective August 1, 2023, the Department of Sanitation of New York City will mandate the use of secure waste containers for food-related businesses using a private carter for curbside waste collection. These businesses must set out any putrescible solid waste, including refuse and organic waste, at the curb in rigid receptacles with tight-fitting lids.

Food-related businesses include catering establishments, food manufacturers, food preparation establishments, food service establishments, food wholesalers, and retail food stores.

  • The rule does not apply to food-related businesses that receive off-street collection, including collection that takes place in a loading dock.
  • The rule also does not apply to recyclable materials other than organic waste.

These changes are a part of the city’s commitment to cleaning up New York City streets and reducing food sources for rats.

We encourage you to share this notice with retail tenants where applicable. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions about how this may impact your business.

Contact your Great Forest representative to learn more.


Photo: Sam Larussa, Unsplash

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