Q&A: Your Waste and Recycling Scorecard. How to Read It, and Use It

Your Waste and Recycling Scorecard: Learn how to read it, use it. What's your score?
Your Waste and Recycling Scorecard: Learn how to read it, use it. What’s your score? (Photo: Stephen Dawson, Unsplash)

Have you received your Waste and Recycling Scorecard? Wondering how to read it, and use it to help you achieve your goals? Here are some answers:

What is the Waste and Recycling Scorecard?

Your Great Forest Waste and Recycling Scorecard gives you crucial insight into where your business currently stands in regards to waste management.

While waste audits and metrics provide hard data that measures your waste program, your scorecard fills in the crucial gaps, providing an analysis of the soft data that is more difficult to quantify.

Soft data includes information such as how well-versed people are with your waste and recycling program, how effective your education and outreach efforts are, if you have any compliance issues (at the local, state and federal level), and how clear and consistent your labels/signage are.

Together, hard data and soft data are necessary to give you a complete picture of your waste program, and how it is functioning.

Without a Waste and Recycling Scorecard, you are missing half the picture.

What does the Waste and Recycling Scorecard review involve?

Great Forest experts walk through the site with your representative. We may talk with tenants, janitorial crews, building management and others to get further insight into your operations. The onsite review will take a few hours. Additional analysis will take place away from the site.

How often is a Waste and Recycling Scorecard done?

It is done annually.

How is the Scorecard different from other reports?

Your Great Forest Waste and Recycling  Scorecard is based on an actual physical walk through and review of your site and waste management program, NOT  assumptions or an armchair assessment.

We roll up up our sleeves to investigate, take notes and photographs, collect information and observations before providing a detailed analysis of gaps in your program.

How do I use my Waste and Recycling Scorecard?

A score (out of 100) is provided based on your program review. Your scorecard lets you know, at a glance, how well you are doing, or if there is room for improvement.

The score lets you easily benchmark performance, track  progress, and set goals to showcase your continued achievements. Scroll below to see how one company used thei Waste and Recycling Scorecard.

Need a Waste and Recycling Scorecard?

Call your Great Forest representative, or email info@greatforest.com

Spotlight: See how one company use their Waste and Recycling Scorecard:

Great Forest conducted a Waste/Recycling Scorecard review of a large Class A office building located in midtown Manhattan. In particular, the building management wanted to make sure that they were meeting applicable local, state and federal legal requirements, for which fines can reach into the millions for universal waste.

During a walkthrough of the building, Great Forest identified a variety of legal non- compliance points, potentially exposing the building to approximately $5000 in financial penalties. This included bins that were not sufficiently labeled.

Via the scorecard report, Great Forest provided management with written and pictorial documentation of all non-compliance points that pinpointed where the problems were, and provided guidance on how to rectify the issues and ensure compliance.

In addition, Great Forest supplied an overview of best practice opportunities the building could utilize to go above and beyond the legal requirements. The building quickly implemented the simpler initiatives recommended, which included replacing single-use coffee cups with reusable mugs. By doing so, they were able to reduce their waste, move closer to their zero waste ambitions, and elevate themselves into the top tier of buildings with sustainable waste management practices.

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