Q&A: What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an international framework used by business, industry and service-orientated organizations to develop and implement an environmental management system that promotes continual improvement towards higher environmental stewardship. The ISO 14001 standard allows an organization to identify, execute and measure green programs that make sense for the company and its resources.

Obtaining an ISO 14001 certification shows clients and other stakeholders that you are taking an active role in mitigating your environmental impact and have a formal system in place to monitor your activities.

The process towards certification usually takes about a year. It requires developing processes, goals and targets, and action plans to meet these environmental goals. After an audit is conducted to ensure that the standard is being satisfied, your business will be ISO 14001 certified. Following certification, regular monthly meetings ensure that compliance with the standard is maintained, and that action plans are implemented.

Great Forest is currently working on ISO 14001 programs with several clients.

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