Case Study: Great Forest Helps National Retail Bank Reduce Waste and Costs


A retail bank with branches across the country


Great Forest took over management of the client's daily waste hauling needs, including trouble shooting missed pickups and consolidating all billing. This freed up over 140 hours/month the client had previously spent on customer service, accounting and hauler management. In addition, Great Forest worked with the client to right-size equipment and service schedules, and train staff on appropriate disposal, resulting in greater efficiency, less waste generation, and lower costs.


The client was concerned that its waste removal operations were not optimized nationwide.  They contracted Great Forest to study their operations, lower costs, and increase diversion from landfill where possible.


After studying the client’s current waste removal operations, Great Forest implemented the following changes:

  • Great Forest took over all bill paying and customer service needs, freeing the client from these duties.
  • Tapped into Great Forest's nationwide waste hauler network to make vendor changes where service was poor and/or pricing was out of line.
  • Utilized waste data to right-size equipment and service schedules, and educate staff on waste reduction.


  • Client saved 140 hours/month in customer service, accounting and hauler management.
  • 6.3 percent decrease in nationwide spend due to new haulers being put in place as well as waste reduction.
  • 17.4 percent waste reduction due to right sizing of equipment and education of staff.


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