Great Forest Wins Daylight Hour Award, Announces Daylight Fridays

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Great Forest was one of over 650 offices worldwide that participated in the 2016 Daylight Hour movement on June 17. The fun event, designed to encourage the use of daylight instead of electricity when possible, reached over 10 million people on social media, and we are thrilled that Great Forest was named “Hype Master” this year, winning the award in the “Social Butterfly Award category honoring creativity in social media.

And yes, we do believe the hype!

Thanks so much to the Building Energy Exchange for the opportunity to be a part of this great movement, and congratulations to all the other winners and participants, including Cushman and Wakefield (which had 33 offices in 23 cities taking part in DaylightHour 2016), and CBRE (with offices in 8 countries participating).

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Announcing Daylight Fridays

Here in Great Forest ‘s NYC office, we are blessed with plenty of strong daylight in many parts of our building.  As such, our office lights are usually off for a good amount of time each day.

Some of us have never seen Great Forest CEO Ross Guberman (see below) switch on the lights in his office, ever.

So we decided to make it official this year — Great Forest is launching #DaylightFridays to encourage all our clients to extend the #DaylightHour effort to every Friday throughout the year.

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Great Forest CEO Ross Guberman gets caught in the act of being energy conscious!

Why?  As the Building Energy Exchange explains:

“Most offices have their lights on even when they are not needed…. This is a critical issue because the times when daylight is most available (workday afternoons) coincides with peak demand- the time when our business districts are demanding the most energy from the grid. This peak energy is the most expensive energy, and typically the dirtiest and most harmful to our global climate because the oldest, least efficient plants are brought online to meet this need.”

Sheila and Richard on the third floor of our NYC office working by daylight.

Join us and see what a difference you can make. Here are more tips:

See What DaylightHour 2016 Looked Like In Pictures

Anna Twitter grab

DaylightHour bicycle circle
In the sprit of Daylight Hour, someone from the Great Forest NYC office biked 2 hours to work today, from New Jersey.
Alex (above) and David (below)from our Mid-Atlantic office take it outside.

David DC

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