Compliance Checklist – Your 5-Step Guide To Avoiding Fines

noun_543025_ccNo matter where your business is located across the country, staying on top of new and updated regulations is key to avoiding fines, which can add up. Take note of the date a law goes into effect, and the date at which enforcement starts. Give yourself enough time to get ready to be in compliance.

Here’s your 5-step guide to avoiding fines.

1  Update yourself on any new requirements. Unsure of regulations in your state/city? Check your local government websites, our regulations page, or call your Great Forest representative.

2  Make a plan with your building management or sustainability officer. This should include a waste audit, and a compliance assessment to see what you are missing.

3  Implement the plan developed based on the results of your waste audit and compliance assessment.

4 Make sure your staff and tenants are aware of the new rules and changes you are making to be in compliance.  Everyone’s cooperation is needed for success.

5 Plan regular walkthroughs and internal inspections to ensure your changes are being made, and that your program is not only in compliance but also running efficiently. Make adjustments and improvement where necessary.

Download: Managing Waste Sustainably: A Regulatory Compliance Guide For Businesses.

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