Waste Brokerage

Waste Brokerage

Our brokerage team actively manages all aspects of your waste removal process nationwide. Great Forest oversees clients’ waste operations, enabling clients to focus on their business and their facilities. Clients that work with us save time, maximize efficiency,
improve service and save money.


Customer Service: Our ultra-responsive customer service team provides one point of
contact for any hauler-related issues, requests or questions.

Invoice Verification & Consolidation: Our accounting team receives, verifies and
processes hauler invoices, and then provides our clients with one consolidated monthly invoice.


Data: Clients have access to our Proprietary platform to measure landfill diversion
rates over time and GHG emissions from waste over time.

Consulting: Our waste brokerage team partners with our consulting team to develop
strategies for landfill diversion rate improvements such as right sizing.


The Great Forest team develops and conducts RFPs to ensure that you receive the specific
waste removal service needs and logistics unique to your various locations with minimal cost.

If there are service or pricing issues, Great Forest will tap into its nationwide network of haulers
and swap out current service provider.

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