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Sustainability News

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Packaging Plant Alyssa Harding Food Materials Infrastructure
- How can food companies come up with a blueprint to integrate sustainability into product and material choices, and drive systems-level change? On day two of the New Hope Network’s virtual Spark Brand Success event, a panel of sustainable packaging experts (from start-up to emerging brand to large corporation) discussed their company’s journey with sustainable packaging –– with both successful, and not-so-successful results. Read part of the conversation below (edited for length) that ... [Read More]

Energy Unit Refrigeration Efficiency Door Walk
- Sustainable Commercial Refrigeration Purchasing the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration and maintaining it properly will lower your energy costs and avoid issues that damage or spoil food. Energy consumption is one of the major costs to run a restaurant but there are various ways to manage it and improve overall efficiency . One study found that the refrigeration part of your utility bills can be as high as 16% of your total energy consumption. This article summarizes some ways to ... [Read More]

Goldman Sachs Carbon Emissions Business Ceo David Solomon Ceo Jane Fraser
- Goldman Sachs announced Thursday that the investment bank would commit to reaching net-zero carbon emissions in the next nine years. “[In] 2015, we became the first of our peers in the financial-services sector to reach carbon neutrality in our operations and business travel. Today, we are expanding our operational carbon commitment to include our supply chain, targeting net zero carbon emissions by 2030,” chairman and CEO David Solomon said in a statement . “We encourage business leaders ... [Read More]


Carbon Emissions Climate Net Zero Zero Atmosphere
- Disaster looms if big finance is allowed to game the carbon offsetting markets to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions A n astonishing global shift is under way: 127 countries have now stated that by mid-century their overall emissions of carbon dioxide will be zero. That includes the EU, US, and UK by 2050 – and China by 2060. Companies are enthusiastically signing up to similar “net zero” goals . Finally the international community seems to have accepted the scientific fact that we need to ... [Read More]

Climate Companies U S Business Harris Administration Emissions
- Corporations that don’t step up on climate will be left behind. Executive orders recently signed by President Biden put the environment squarely at the heart of U.S. federal policy, and for good reason. The future competitiveness of the U.S. economy is at stake, and climate action is an effective way to boost jobs, prevent future systemic shocks, and secure a prosperous future. Growing evidence shows that investment in “green” industries like electric vehicles and renewables will be a ... [Read More]


Coal Energy Guterres Transition Projects Ant Nio Guterres
- "Phasing out coal from the electricity sector is the single most important step to get in line with the 1.5 degree goal." Emphasizing that the world still has a "fighting chance" to limit global warming with immediate and ambitious climate action, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday urged governments and the private sector to cancel all planned coal projects, cease financing for coal-fired power plants, and opt instead to support a just transition by investing in ... [Read More]

Emissions Climate Carbon Neutrality Car Climate Neutrality
- With the 2050 deadline looming, the switch to electric is now inevitable. But we’d be fools to believe that the journey will be easy. So, in the wake of a surge of carbon neutrality announcements from car manufacturers, and continued uncertainty about what Green intentions and opaque promises all sound impressive, but climate neutrality isn’t open to interpretation. Either something is, or it isn’t. Greenwashing only serves to obstruct real progress, leading people to believe they’re ... [Read More]

Cups Coffee Takeaway People Use Environment
- Coffee is always in fashion. But single-use cups are not. They’re lightweight, easy to handle, and basically free — we don’t think about them too much, but single-use coffee cups almost sound too good to be true. Alas, in a way, they really are too good to be true. Takeaway coffee cups are filling the world’s landfills with needless plastic. Drinkers may be willing to switch to a reusable cup, but a study found that the absence of waste infrastructure and the world’s “throwaway” ... [Read More]

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