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Sustainability News

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Emissions Sphera Esg System Sustainability Company's
- As technology, data and management systems continue to advance to help companies measure and report on their ESG efforts, Sphera has added a life cycle assessment automation software to give organizations a tool for sustainable improvements throughout their operations, including tackling Scope 3 emissions. The software builds on Sphera’s existing life cycle assessment (LCA) platforms and will assist companies in addressing building investor and regulatory demands regarding sustainability and ... [Read More]

Business Certification Checklist Certifications B Corp Energy
- PREPARING FOR A GREEN BUSINESS CERTIFICATION WITH A CHECKLIST Green business certifications, also known as “sustainable business certifications”, are valuable programs that can help companies demonstrate their sustainable operations, products, services and practices to employees, customers, partners and investors. But is your business green enough for certification? How do you become a greener business that can pass a certification? How do I find the right certification for my business and ... [Read More]

Emissions Percent Ghg Fedex Ghg Emissions Revenue
- In 2008, when FedEx Corp. published its first Global Citizenship Report , its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were already top of mind. “As a leader in the transportation industry and in the aviation sector, we realize that we must rethink our approach to fuel consumption and have been working in this regard for some years,” the report said. “Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is not just a matter of environmental sustainability but of economic necessity.” Then and now, FedEx’s ... [Read More]

Ratings Company Companies Data Esg Process
- Part 2 of a three-part series. Read Part 1 here . Rating a company on its environmental, social and governance performance and policies is a daunting task. It can require mining mountains of data from dozens of sources, eventually boiling it all down to a single metric — a letter grade or numeric score, in most cases. And it means doing this for thousands of companies across dozens of sectors — and keeping it current, reflecting changes in company leadership, strategy and circumstances, not ... [Read More]


Energy District Data Sustainability Management Systems
- Partner Content Miami Dade County Public Schools Uses Technology to Tackle Ambitious Sustainability Targets As the need for increased energy efficiency, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and environmentally friendly sustainability initiatives continue to receive more and more attention, an increasing number of organizations are making significant efforts to improve energy management through advanced technologies, and improved energy data management systems. The technologies and data ... [Read More]

Esg Liberty Mutual Energy Investment Transition Vlad Barbalat
- The insurance industry has been honing methods of risk distribution since Babylonian traders hit the sea to sell their wares in what I imagine were not the sturdiest vessels. The industry is especially equipped to support the sustainability agenda. As former Bank of England governor Mark Carney said , the insurance industry is "a faithful reporter of what's happening on the ground. What they won’t insure is a leading indicator of how bad things could get because it’s their job to think ... [Read More]


E Waste Electronics Technology Rsc Governments Tech
- Recycling our electronics should be a higher priority. The proliferation of digital devices has already become a big problem for the planet, but it’s still not receiving the attention it should. Once they come to the end of their useful lives, electronics just get discarded. The recycling rate is still poor, despite the fact they contain valuable minerals that could be used once more and have economic value. Now, scientists are calling to ramp up the recycling of e-waste, describing the ... [Read More]

Alphemita Financial Services Business Deedee Baze Sustainability Esg Investments Deedee
- Alphemita Financial Services stands as a model green business CEO DeeDee Baze created Alphemita Financial Services , a comprehensive financial service provider that’s dedicated to supporting women while also operating in alignment with DeeDee’s strong values and ethics. Alphemita supports ESG investments, working with companies that have an earth-friendly focus to drive sustainable finance solutions. Once more, we’re looking at a business that’s successfully created a strong green ... [Read More]

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