Zero Waste Toolkit for Businesses

Zero Waste. What does it really mean? What are the benefits? How do you go Zero Waste? To help you succeed, we’ve gathered Great Forest’s Zero Waste resources here in one place, with case studies, how-tos, and more.

In 2022, the United Nations General Assembly formally recognized the importance of Zero Waste initiatives and proclaimed March 30 as International Day of Zero Waste. The world celebrates the first Zero Waste Day in 2023 with the understanding that Zero Waste strategies can reduce waste, foster sustainable waste management, and lead the world towards more circular consumption and production patters that lesson environmental impacts.

The U.N. reports that “humanity generates an estimated 2.24 billion tons of municipal solid waste annually, of which only 55 per cent is managed in controlled facilities.”

Zero Waste is an achievable goal for businesses large and small. Start to learn the basics about Zero Waste and what your business can do to reduce waste and be more sustainable with our Zero Waste toolkit below.

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Zero Waste: What is it? What Does It Mean?

Zero Waste Business in 3 Steps: A Strategy To Reduce Waste and Costs

Zero Waste Benefits: Why It Is Crucial For Businesses

Zero Waste Event Planning Guide: 10-Step Checklist

Zero Waste Campus: How Schools Can Reduce Waste and Costs

TRUE Certified Case Study: How Great Forest Achieved Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste – How Small Steps Add Up At The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco

Case Study: How Great Forest Helped Hotel Receive Top Honors for Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge, Become Role Model


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