What Is Your Waste Infrastructure Score?

You may already know how much waste your facility generates and how much is being diverted from landfill. That is crucial waste data you need. But now what?

Is your building in legal compliance? How do you bring your program to best practice standards? What steps do you need to take to reach your waste goals? The answers are in your building score. Here are 3 key things to know about the new Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM  and how to get one.

What Is A Waste Infrastructure Scorecard?

To ensure that your sustainable waste program is properly implemented, maintained, and in compliance, you need to do a building walkthrough to see the nuts and bolts – that is, infrastructure – of how your waste program actually works for users on the ground. At Great Forest, our TRUE Zero Waste consultants will analyze and translate these findings into scores to produce a Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM.

The Great Forest Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM is the only system we know of that gives a simple-to-understand score that tells you, at a glance, how your programs are set up and performing, and what to do to bring your programs up to standards and into compliance.

How Does Scoring Work?

Each aspect of a building’s waste collection process is reviewed against both legal requirements and best practices. The checklist of items examined range from signage to waste storage to collection procedures.

Buildings receive a point for each item that meets legal compliance or best practice standards. If 68 total observations are done during a building walkthrough, and 55 items meet standards, the building will earn 55 points out of a possible 68 points for a building-wide score of 81%. Buildings receive overall scores as well as scores for sub-sections.

When Do You Need A Scorecard?

Right now is the best time to request a scorecard, while many of your building occupants may still be working remotely. This is your window of opportunity to ensure that your waste infrastructure – from signs to equipment – are in compliance and fully functional for when COVID restrictions lift.

In general, a Waste Infrastructure ScorecardSM report should be done annually or whenever a new waste program is implemented.

Learn more:

Download the scorecard manual now to learn more about the scorecard system and how your scores are calculated, or contact us. 

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