We’ll Get Through This Together – A Message From Great Forest About Covid-19

Part of the Great Forest team at a retreat in 2019

As we all grapple with the new reality brought on by the covid-19 pandemic, we pledge to be here to help you adjust to the new challenges we all face — as individuals, communities, and businesses. We will get through this together.

Great Forest will continue to field inquiries and provide educational resources as usual. We will work to move meetings, trainings, and town halls remotely, to the extent possible. In addition, we are creating new and robust online resources and trainings to help keep proper waste management practices at the forefront, and to prepare for the time when business begins to return to normal. While Great Forest consultants may not be available on-site at your buildings for the time being, we are only a phone call or email away.

The transition to remote work is an effort to not only meet your continuing waste management needs, but to help maintain a sense of normalcy that many of us may be seeking right now .

During this time, waste will still be generated that needs to be removed. We are working to understand everyone’s changing needs as operations are impacted. As always, we are here to help bridge the gap between a facility’s needs and waste hauler’s realities, to communicate clearly what can be done, and continue to work with everyone to adjust to the new normal.

Until we can get together in person, please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to get updates and find out about new online resources available to you. Also check our resource page and blog for more helpful tips.

We appreciate the uncertainty we all face right now, and will continue to support an open, honest dialogue around our new reality, and work to best meet your ongoing needs. I wish you all good health, and remember to stay in touch with one another during this time. We’re all in this together.

Ross Guberman
CEO, Great Forest

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