Watch The Earth Day Webinar; Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

THANK YOU to the 100+ people who spent part of their Earth Day with us at our webinar and Q&A. We learned so much together about how COVID-19 has impacted your waste management programs and policies, and what your successes and challenges have been. Let’s keep the conversation going:

Here’s a recap. At our Earth Day event, Great Forest Zero Waste experts shared tips and insights on how to prioritize sustainability as we emerge from a year of COVID restrictions and prepare for what’s ahead. The event focused on three areas:

1) Restoring Our Earth: How we got here, the damage that has been done, and a vision for a better future.

2) COVID-19 And The Waste Sector:  How changes in social and economic realities resulting from COVID-19 have impacted the waste sector, both the challenges and opportunities.

3) The Future of Waste:  How producer responsibility, lawmakers, changes in consumer behavior, and equity will shape the future of waste.

Happy Earth Day.

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