WATCH Now: Earth “Action” Day Webinar. Learn How To Take Climate Action At Home

THANK YOU for joining us for our Earth Action Day webinar on April 24, 2020, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, and to learn how to take climate action at home, even as we quarantine to beat COVID-19.

Our Earth “Action” Day webinar includes zero waste-inspired steps to climate action, insights and tips from the nationwide Great Forest team, a Q&A session, and a 30-day roadmap to going zero waste at home. Missed it? WATCH the webinar below to learn to how:

  • Take the extra time at home as an opportunity to take stock of your zero-waste journey
  • Reduce waste and explore your “foodprint”
  • Stay informed and involved in your eco-community
  • Get back to nature, give back to nature
  • Shop smarter
  • Invest in and support a circular economy
  • Hold yourself accountable and not give up!

*To get the 30-Day Roadmap To Zero Waste mentioned in the webinar, watch this space.

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