VIDEO: Recycling More vs. Recycling Right (Highlights From SXSW Panel)

This 3 min. video offers highlights of the panel discussion on “Recycling More vs. Recycling Right in America” at the 2014 SXSW Eco Conference on sustainability in Austin, Texas.

The discussion was moderated by the National Waste & Recycling Association’s President and CEO Sharon H. Kneiss, and includes Brenda Pulley from Keep America Beautiful, and Phil Bresee from the City of Philadelphia Recycling Office.

Learn more and watch video here.

Among the insights from video:

  • 67% Americans say they are clear on what materials go into a recycling bin.
  • 20% will place an item into a recycling bin even if they are not completely sure it is recyclable
  • 9% admit they have put their trash in a recycling bin when their trash bin was full.

“Recycling is an innovator’s game because it’s not stagnant.  New markets are constantly being found for these recycled materials.” — Sharon H. Kneiss, National Waste and Recycling Association

..It’s not only facts and figures about all the energy saved.  That there was an afterlife they could give the product, that it is truly made into something else, that really is one of the motivational factors that we found.  We want to show people that it is the norm to recycle.” – Brenda Pulley, Keep America Beautiful, about their “I Want to be Recycled” campaign.

“The average MRF operating today was built for the compostition of materials from circa 2002.” — Phil Bresee, City of Philadelphia Recycling Office


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