VIDEO: Paper Shredding AND Recycling

When paper is shredded AND then recycled, you are not only handling your confidential/sensitive documents corrrectly, but you are also being environmentally friendly. You are reducing the demand for lumber, water and energy required to produce new paper.

For secure and sustainable shredding, you should:

  • Go local. Make sure the shredding facility is nearby so the documents will not have to travel far and do not get outsourced to another shredding facility.
  • Find out where the facility is selling their post-consumer recycled paper. You want to make sure it goes to a local factory and does not get shipped overseas.
  • Ask for a document of destruction or other certification that you may need for sustainability reporting purposes.
  • Ask if shredding can be done on your premises, if you would rather not have your sensitive documents leave your offices. Some companies offer mobile  shredding units.
  • Ask about the company’s security measures. Any reputable shredding facility should be able to provide you with locked bins and explain how they handle and track your documents from your office to the their rebirth as a recycled paper product.

Here’s a video from a vendor that expains more:



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