Video Helps Train “Invisible” Cleaning Staff

Once a building empties out for the night, cleaning staff move in to begin their work transporting waste to central collection points. Many people do not see cleaning staff at work but what they do is essential.

Because cleaning staff are often “invisible,” they are sometimes forgotten. To ensure your waste program runs effectively, education is key, not only for building occupants.  Remember to include your cleaning staff in training sessions to ensure proper handling of waste, and to prevent contamination.

Mistakes by cleaning staff can negate all the effort other building occupants put into recycling. For example, cleaners might place a half-filled beverage cup they find on a desk into the recycling bin. This contaminates all the recyclables, turning them into trash.

Recycling is a group effort. Your cleaners are part of the team.

Video Expands Training Under COVID Restrictions

To help you continue your education efforts under continued COVID restrictions, Great Forest has put together a training video specially for NYC cleaning staff. This is part of our growing stable of online resources to help you maximize operations.

Find out how to get access to this video and other useful resources by contacting your Great Forest representative. Not a client? Email us:

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