UPDATE: Government Shutdown Over – Access to Portfolio Manager to be Restored

Notification to current Benchmarking clients:

Energy Star site


UPDATE Oct 17, 2013:  The federal government shutdown is over.  Access to the EPA’s Energy StarPortfolio Manager or archived data should soon be restored. 


The EPA will not provide access to Energy StarPortfolio Manager or archived data during the federal government shutdown.

Message on site: “The federal government is currently shut down. The EPA ENERGY STAR website and social media channels will not be updated until the federal government reopens. Online tools and applications and the ENERGY STAR hotline will be unavailable until the government reopens.”

Access to data may be available through Great Forest, or Great Forest’s Sustainability Metrics platform or Utility Tracking System.

Clients expecting to apply for the Energy Star label or certain industry challenge recognitions can expect notification of a new filing deadline after the EPA has returned to normal functions.

If you have further questions or would like to access your archived data with Great Forest, please contact Sheila Sweeney, Anna Dengler, your Great Forest representative, or click here.

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