Towering Display of Plastic Bottles Reminds Office Workers To Recycle

Plastic bottle recycling sculptureOffice workers at one NYC skyscraper certainly got the message about recycling this month. They could not miss the 10-foot-high display of used plastic bottles that greeted them in the lobby each day for a week as they arrived for work. The attention-getting display was created over three days and installed by Great Forest.

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“The building has a great recycling program but recently they began to notice a lot more recyclables in the trash. So we created this display for them to show the cumulative result of what happens when people forget to recycle,” says Great Forest recycling consultant Sandra Robishaw, who is also an artist.

“Each bottle misplaced in the trash adds up to a mountain of recyclable bottles headed to the landfill. The visual impact of this tower of bottles gets the message across even to busy workers rushing through the lobby.”

The display is part of Great Forest’s Education and Outreach service. Besides bottles, Great Forest has also created displays out of cardboard, cups and other materials to send different messages.

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