Titania Nanofilm And Other New Ideas

Someday, maybe all buildings will be wrapped in fabric sprayed with titania nanofilm, which purportedly cleans the air of pollutants. That is precisely what is covering Wendy – a big, blue solar-powered pavilion currently on view as part of Abu Dhabi’s Sustainability Week.

Breaking out of the box, like what the spiky Wendy is trying to do, is what pushes change. So this year, when reassessing your green programs, leave room to try new ideas big and small.

For example, think about organizing a recycling competition instead of just sending out recycling reminder emails. Consider motion sensors for cubicle and task lighting to cut energy use if you cannot alter overhead lighting in an open plan office. Or perhaps you might even like to build your own version of Wendy? It’s a new year of possibilities. See More Photos 

Wendy sculpture

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