Tis the Season to Compost?

Photo credit: Niall Kennedy
Photo credit: Niall Kennedy. Flickr/Creative Commons

This month, Environmental Leader featured timely advice from Great Forest experts about composting for businesses and organizations. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon us, the amount of food waste generated is expected increase dramatically.

Since 30% of waste generated in the U.S. is made up of organic and food waste, composting may be one of the few ways left to improve corporate sustainability goals or to achieve zero-waste ambitions. Done right, composting may continue to reap benefits for your organization long after the holidays are over.

But is your organization a good candidate for composting?  How much will it cost? Here is a quick guide to composting to help you decide.

Another great idea? Donate. Find a local fook bank, connect with organizations like Food Donation Connection, which works with the restaurant industry to donate surplus food, or New York’s City Harvest, which accepts donations of prepared food.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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