Three Last-Minute Ideas for Earth Day

Earth Day (April 22) is just around the corner. While there is still time time to plan, here are three quick ideas that you can implement even at the last minute:

1) Say Thank You

Thank your staff and/or tenants for their green efforts over the past year.  If your sustainability programs have been a success, tell them about their accomplishments – showcase with facts and figures so they can see that their efforts are making a difference. Saying thank you also helps to raise awareness about your green programs among those who might not be contributing.

2) Join a Social Movement

Encourage your staff and/or tenants to participate in community/social movements like Earth Hour or Billion Acts of Green.  Many of these movements already have templates set up to make it easy for individuals and corporations to get involved.

3) Ask for One Green Act

Encourage your employees to perform just one green act on Earth Day.  It could be as simple as taking public transportation to work instead of driving, or using a reusable mug. Every big change comes from small acts.

See what companies have done for Earth Day over the past few years (we boil it down into four categories!), or create your own Office Green Hour.


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