The “Uber” Of Waste Removal Has Arrived – Download The “Pick It Up” App Today

Pick It Up App croppedNow getting rid of waste is as simple as ordering an uber.

Great Forest’s new “Pick It Up” app allows you to schedule a pick up of almost any type of waste and recycling with just a few clicks, anywhere, nationwide.

Download the app today for free.
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Arranging for the proper disposal of items can be challenging with a myriad of rules governing the handling of different types of waste and recycling across the country.

With “Pick It Up,” you don’t have waste time finding out which company in your area is licensed to deal with the particular type of waste and recycling you need removed. Great Forest will find the best match for your needs, and give you access to the best prices. Your pick up will be promptly scheduled and monitored, ensuring that your waste and recycling is handled properly so that you remain in compliance with local regulations.

Who can use the app? 

Anyone can use the app to order a pick up in a commercial or residential building.  You do NOT need to be a Great Forest client to take advantage of our experience and access in the industry.

Why should I use the app if my building/office already has a waste and recycling program?

Not every building/office is set up to deal with every kind of waste and recycling.

E-waste, universal waste such as batteries and lightbulbs, food waste, confidential documents, demolition debris, and bulky items like building materials (old wallpaper, paint, decor) and furniture are examples of items that may need special handling.

When should I use the “Pick It Up” app?

Anytime you need to remove unwanted items.  Here are some examples:

  • You discover a room-full of old building materials that have accumulated in storage over the years. Free up that valuable space by scheduling a pick up.
  • You have sensitive data (on paper or hard drives) that need to be destroyed. Schedule a pick up to ensure that the confidential material is properly disposed of.
  • You organize a company-wide e-waste drive but are unsure of what to do with all the items collected.  Now you can easily schedule a pick up with a certified, reputable e-waste recycler.
  • Your office is undergoing an upgrade.  Schedule a pick up of the old furniture and equipment that need to make way for new items.

If you are a Great Forest client, you can use the “Pick It Up” app to:

  • Schedule an extra pick up when needed.
  • Report a missed pick up.
  • Request an open-top dumpster.
  • Check your metrics on the go.

How to  use “Pick It Up”

  • Download “Pick It Up” in the app store for free.
  • Create an account or login if you are an existing customer.
  • Select the type of item(s) you need removed (you can upload a supporting photo of your material stream or type of container.)
  • Enter the address and desired pick up date/time.
  • You will receive an emailed quote soon after.
  • Pay for your pick up on the app or bill it to your account.

Let us know what you think of the app.

Download the app today for free.
Mac: Pick It Up
Android: Pick It Up

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