The Greenest Hotel in New York? Apply Now.

Photo Credit: Sergio Lora
Photo Credit: Sergio Lora/Flickr Creative Commons

We are excited about the launch of the first ever HANYC Sustainability Awards from the Hotel Association of New York City.

Designed to encourage and recognize sustainability in the industry, the awards will be given to member hotels that have developed programs in:

  • Environment Protection
  • Social Responsibility
  • Holistic Strategy for Sustainable Hospitality

We encourage all eligible hoteliers to apply by filling out this simple questionnaire and returning it via email following these instructions – deadline September 2.

Find out which hotels are the greenest at the 2014 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in NYC this November.

UPDATE: The winners of the HANYC Sustainability Awards were announced.  Read: NYC’s Most Sustainable Hotels are Identified, Artworks Awarded


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