Take Our 3-Question Energy Quiz

Q: What is the estimated temperature difference between a standard and cool roof?

Is it:
a) 10 degrees F
b) 30degrees F
c) 50 degrees F

WATCH the 18-sec VIDEO answer from Great Forest CEO Ross Guberman

Q: If all commercial property in NYC converted to daylight responsive lighting systems, how many MW of peak demand/electric power would the City save?

Is it:
a) 50MW
b) 160MW
c) 300MW

WATCH the 12-sec VIDEO answer from Great Forest Sustainability Analyst Elizabeth Arrigo.

Q: How much electricity is used each year to power only the lights in U.S. hotels?

Is it:
a) 3.4 Megawatt Hours
b) 340 Gigawatt Hours
c) 3400 Gigawatt Hours

WATCH the 7-sec VIDEO answer from Sheila Sweeney, Great Forest’s Director of Energy Services. (The answer is based on an estimated 12% share of consumption for lighting for lodging properties surveyed through EPA Portfolio Manager — totaling about 1.7 Billion SF of total space.)

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