Sustainable Solutions for Unwanted Assets

Avon Bay photoWhat do you do with hundreds of pieces of unwanted furniture?

This was the challenge that Avalon Bay Communities Inc. faced recently when they decided to update the poolside furniture for their residential communities in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

They could have contracted a vendor to remove and landfill the furniture, but they were interested in a more sustainable approach.

Working with Great Forest, they found two sustainable solutions for removal of the items.

Reuse: Finding new uses for old furniture is always the best option. In California, Great Forest was able to arrange for the furniture to be donated to a hotel equipment surplus company, which specializes in reselling or recycling furniture. The total count of furniture donated included 252 chaise lounges, 165 chairs, 32 large tables, 26 umbrellas, 20 trashcans and 18 small tables.

Recycle: The furniture from the Washington, D.C. communities were too weather-beaten, with little potential for reuse or resale. Partnering with Capitol Asset Recovery Corp., Great Forest was able to arrange for 876 lbs. of aluminum furniture and 750 lbs. of iron furniture to be recycled.

So the next time you renovate, upgrade or move, remember that there are numerous options for sustainable removal of unwanted assets (furniture, electronics, etc.) from your property. They don’t have to go to the landfill.

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