Rescue Mission Helps Hotel Avoid The Landfill

It is all about making the connection. Usable items often go to the landfill because the connection is not made between those looking to dispose of items, and those in need.

When the line of amenities usually provided to guests at the Surrey hotel was discontinued, the hotel was left with 25 boxes of products that were in perfectly usable condition.  Rather than dispose of them in a landfill, the Surrey wanted to find a good home for the amenities that included soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.

Great Forest helped to connect the hotel to the New York City Rescue Mission. The Mission dropped by recently to pick the boxes and we are glad to announce that the items were put to immediate use.  All the donated products have been distributed to New Yorkers in need.

“With this initiative, the hotel will be saving money, reducing waste, and helping a good cause – a triple win!” said Naomi Mirsky, Vice President of Sustainability and Innovation at Denihan Hospitality Group.

Do you need to make a connection?

Learn more about the New York City Rescue Mission and how you can help at

Or check Great Forest’s donation assistance page to see if you can make a connection the next time you find yourself with unwanted but usable assets. 

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