“Recycled” Bird Takes Off At America Recycles Day

"Recycled" birdGreat Forest hosted a series of events at office buildings across the country on America Recycles Day to promote recycling.

There were games, giveaways, “Lunch and Learn” lectures, and even a magnificent six-foot-tall bird created out of recyclable materials!

“We wanted to draw attention to the fact that everything we used to create the bird can and should be recycled,” says Great Forest consultant Sandra Robishaw, who also happens to be an artist.

Can you spot what the bird is made up of?

Recycled bird collageThe bird was created out of different types of paper that usually end up in the trash instead of the recycling bin — like take-out menus, paper plates, napkins, receipts, paper bags and paper food packaging.  The bird’s legs were made out of discarded soda cans, and the pool of water beneath was made from recyclable plastic bottles.

The “recycled” bird greeted office workers in the building’s lobby, generating a lot of buzz.

“It definitely got people talking and thinking about recycling and how it affects the environment. We hope that everyone who saw the bird will remember to recycle,” says Sandra.

Recycling structures like the bird are part of Great Forest’s Education and Outreach service.  Below are some of the other activities we organized for America Recycles Day 2013:

ARD 2013 bulbs wih tag

  • We gave away hundreds of flower bulbs that can be planted indoors for a December bloom.





ARD 2013 Greenhanded

  • Our roving photographer caught this woman and others “green-handed!”  She and the other recycling superstars made it to our wall of fame! A little incentive goes a long way.






ARD 2013 Table Caroline

  • Great Forest was at the ready to answer questions and share information about recycling at various events.  We also held numerous “Lunch and Learn” sessions.




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