Case Study: Helping a Global Brand Make Its Investments In Waste Reduction Work


Global manufacturer, a leader in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) space.


Despite numerous attempts, the client was unable to improve its waste diversion. Great Forest was brought in to break the stasis. Great Forest analyzed the client's program and efforts, discovered the problems, and implemented solutions that finally moved the needle.


The client’s waste diversion was stuck at 58 percent, and they had been unable to increase it in the prior four years, even after investing significant time and money in the initiative.


Great Forest conducted a Zero Waste Opportunities Assessment which included an operational analysis and physical waste stream audit to understand the client’s

  • Manufacturing/production operations
  • Waste-related infrastructure
  • Waste profile

Based on the insights and data gained from the assessment, Great Forest took the following steps:

  • Mediated conversation between the site’s waste hauler and the client team to better understand the hauler’s capabilities and push for improved response times.
  • Conducted a one-day audit of molding machines to understand fall-off and production rates for each material type.
  • Designed a better system for material type separation to avoid mixing different types of plastic and metal to improve recycling opportunities.
  • Optimized diversion programs that were already available at the plant such as implementing better waste infrastructure for the collection of plastics, cans and beverage cartons


Based on its work with Great Forest, the site’s waste diversion rate increased from 58 percent up to 73.7 percent.


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